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When we founded Simplificator nearly 10 years ago, we had the vision to carry out exciting projects with enthusiastic employees collaborating closely with great customers. This is what we have been passionately doing ever since, thrilled for lots of skilled software developers to join us.

Lukas Eppler 
Founder and CEO
Ruby on Rails / Senior-Softwareentwickler
Simplificator was founded by its two owners in 2007. Since then, the company has grown to about 20 people from all over the world. We are developers, designers, scrum masters, rails experts, accountants, team leads, HR specialists, project leads, family people, visionaries, organisers, movie and music enthusiasts and passionate foosball players. We all have a well funded training and work enthusiastically in small, independent teams. We solve complex problems in simple ways while collaborating closely with our customers. Agile software development in short iterations and release cycles is what we stand for.
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I started working part-time as an Interaction Designer. Ever since, I increased my workload and took over more responsibility. I enjoy working in agile teams.

Marcel Rupf
Team Lead and Designer

Working for Simplificator is great because:

  • we are a bunch of cool people
  • we have a bright big office space in industrial chic located in the inspiring „Kreis 5“, where the RoR-Community frequently gets together
  • you get a brand new MacBook Pro with all the trimmings
  • you can work part time and every once in a while remotely from home
  • the concept of work-life balance is very much alive in our office culture
  • you have the opportunity to get advanced training
  • you get to be a Rails expert
  • we exchange knowledge
  • you get the chance to influence and affect our company
  • we have hack days and tech talks and are excited about new technologies and gadgets
  • you frequently have direct customer contact
  • girls are just as welcome as boys
  • we regularly go on company trips, have Aperos or team retreats
  • we all are excited soccer-table players
  • coffee is a staple to us and therefore free

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