PWA - Progressive Web Applications

You probably already have a website, it may already be "responsive" and optimized for mobile browsers. And you think about whether you might better reach your customers, or better support their processes with a mobile app.

Native mobile applications score above all with their performance, push notifications and the deep integration into the operating system of the smartphone. Web applications, on the other hand, score points with their easy searchability via search engines, their independence from the various operating systems and their low entry barriers.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a combination of the strengths of native apps and the power of web applications.

The installation of a PWA does no longer require the App Store: When visiting such mobile optimized web pages, the visitor sees a message box, which suggests adding the respective page to the home screen. Since the application shows up via a regular Google search, the detour via a store is no longer required, which in turn leads to faster and more direct discovery.

The above-mentioned technical aspects often lead to a better business impact thanks to lower development costs. PWAs give you a fast and relatively cheap way to reach a large number of users.

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