Shared knowledge equals better knowledge

Together with your team

If you already have a software development team or are working on building one, we can share our knowledge with your employees. We have learned the art of agile project management, how to ensure quality and how to improve efficiency during implementation. We can serve you as an expert consultant or assistant to keep your project on course until you have it fully up and running.

Hack days and creative problem-solving

We are not not new to dealing with newcomers: we integrate software development with Arduino and the Internet of Things, with virtual reality, or with browser-based video recordings. We have built machinery that can control the blinds in response to the position of the sun. We make touchscreens for wood merchants and use the Raspberry Pi solution to manage our conference room. We can organize a special day at your company for hacking, tinkering, brainstorming and fielding new ideas. We can go one step further on a technical level than is ordinarily possible in day-to-day business. We also offer specific training courses.

Integration projects (or: tidying up!)

Medium-sized companies often have dozens of systems that are relevant to operations in some way. What many systems have in common is that they have been obsolete for a long time, but there just has not been time to replace them. We help to improve intercommunications between central systems, to upgrade old systems so that your employees can finally take a vacation again and gradually phase in a better concept. At first, this might mean having to build an additional system. However, because we develop custom software, we can also gradually simplify individual requirements. Hence, our name.

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