Health-Management App


Medgate offers telemedical services to insurance policy holders. An app (iOS and Android) is to be configured for each insurance provider in order to offer these services. Medgate should be able to easily and conveniently edit the content and configurations. The application flow should be the same on both platforms, while still taking into consideration platform-specific operating concepts.

The app should also take advantage of the opportunities offered by smartphones, such as enabling users to take photos of skin changes, mark them in a 3D model and send them directly to Medgate.


To achieve this goal, an app for iOs and Android was developed that is linked to a web-based administration tool. When content and configurations are changed in the admin tool, these are automatically synchronized with the smartphone apps.

Policy holders can set up their own profiles and record their insurance details. This ensures quicker access to emergency and service numbers. It is also easy to request telemedical consultation services. In addition, the app offers an overview of all Medgate health centers, a simple option for customizing treatment plans and personal health dossiers, as well as access to insurance-specific services.


We were able to develop and publish both apps in close collaboration with Medgate. Medgate can now administer its own app content and offer policy-holders a modern, up-to-date means of accessing insurance services. The personal profiles mean that policy holders receive optimal assistance during telemedical consultations.

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