Meeting rooms app


DayCrunch offers rooms that can be rented by the hour for various purposes. Access to the building and the rooms is fully automated. Guests who book a room should be able to do so easily and conveniently via an app, and also use it to gain access to buildings and rooms. Once in the room, functions such as lights, shutters and projectors should be simply controlled via the app.


An Android and an iOS app were developed from scratch and designed with DayCrunch branding. Users can log in to their DayCrunch account and see all their room bookings at a glance. In the booking overview, users can easily navigate to the building, gain access to the building and operate various equipment inside the room. Other participants gain access with guest codes. With the DayCrunch app participants can also view the room booking and enjoy the same access and room control options.


DayCrunch offers a highly convenient way of booking rooms for various purposes. The powerful iOS and Android apps expand DayCrunch’s services with mobile technology that covers the entire process from the search for a suitable room to the actual use of the room.

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