E-Transform – the ISS data hub


ISS and its customers use different systems to manage data about people, buildings, cost centers and more. Business processes require this data to be made available to the right system – automatically, reliably, at the right time and in the right form. The multiplicity of systems (internal and customer) calls for a solution that is flexible and can quickly meet all the necessary requirements.


Data is imported from source systems and filtered, enriched, transformed and exported to target systems. It was decided to redevelop E-Transform as a central data hub. E-Transform functions fully automatically using background jobs and supports a wide range of protocols and exchange formats found in the relevant peripheral systems (e.g. XML, CSV, JSON, SQL, REST, SOAP).


In close collaboration with the customer, a stable and expandable solution was created that is easier and cheaper to maintain than the previous system. Manual intervention were decreased and more comprehensive reporting and monitoring functions that improve transparency and error analysis were introduced. With its sophisticated modeling, E-Transform provides integrated and continuously updated documentation of all data flows which contributes to the mutual understanding.

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