Relaunch of online editorial portal


Widely recognized for its high-quality articles, Fritz+Fränzi is the leading magazine for parents in Switzerland. 

While the print magazine was relaunched in August 2014, the outdated website was still in need of a makeover.

The new and improved version needed to be fresh, dynamic and accessible, which required a CMS for quick and easy article management as well as features such as newsletter linkage and integration of various advertising formats. 


The Fritz+Fränzi web portal is based on an individually programmed CMS. This can be used by editorial staff to:

  • Update articles
  • Create advertorials
  • Moderate comments
  • Customize forms
  • Manage current issues

An Ad Server was selected to manage advertising material and a connection with MailChimp established for newsletter generation.


Thanks to a joint effort, a comprehensive web portal was created that was within budget. 

The articles at the heart of the magazine can now be entered on a modular basis, which ensures integrated, hassle-free, clean formatting.

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