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Obsan (Swiss Health Observatory) is part of the Federal Statistical Office, and shares its findings with bodies at the federal and cantonal level as well as other healthcare institutions. Obsan has its own website ( and it presents some of its findings as graphics. Before the project, these ‘indicator graphics’ were created manually in Excel each year and exported as graphics. Now the graphics should be able to update automatically after data is exported. They should also match the design of the website, with a user-friendly look and feel.


Using SVG, the graphics are now presented in a visually attractive manner with options for the user. Compared with the previous solution, more data can be presented in a comprehensible way through navigation over years and use of maps. The solution is based on pure JavaScript incorporated into the existing CMS. JavaScript loads the data via JSON and automatically displays the existing data. This is done using the open source library d3.js, enabling Obsan’s requests to be accurately incorporated while still keeping costs low. The solution is configurable and the cost of rendering the new data has been reduced to almost zero.


The requirements and interfaces were defined in close collaboration and implemented in three-week work cycles – within the project budget. The graphics were expanded and can be used for many other indicators.

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